otro kind of living

we believe that spaces are an extension and expression of ourselves.

a different perception

we create unique concepts and apply them to spaces in a harmonious and functional way.


lisboa, underway

addiction lx

lisboa, 2022

the glam company

cascais, 2022

OTRO perfume cascais

lisboa, 2021

otro perfume avenida

lisboa, 2020

otro restaurante

cascais, 2019

senhora do monte project

lisboa, 2018

single-family apartment



Rigorous elaboration of Housing and Commercial scope Architectural Projects in spaces for rehabilitation or construction from scratch

Interior Design

Specialized in crafting your vision through interior design projects that mirror the concept of your business, or your refuge.

Interior Decor

We customize and carefully select the decoration and styling pieces for each project, either commercial or residential.

Let’s talk about your project?

Architectural and Design Projects, Engineering Services and Supervision

Interior Decor, home styling and design coaching